Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Poo Art of the Revolution

Hello, my name is Kevin

the best and most widely read
satirist in Ireland, according

to a close friend & protege
who ran away from home

to the circus in Clonakilty
where he learned first his

trade as a clown.
With a one trick cock-bag

of literary learning, two clever
cute culchies, three steps

ahead of the Jackeens,
getting always one over

on the gombeens we meet,
hectoring ex-members

of the Socialist Party, gob men
lecturing in the canon we edit

created to publish and puff up
ourselves and those we approve

of in a revolution that never
arrives. Fifth-column mavericks,

RTE stalwarts, changing society
one satirical poem at a time,

pronounced in loud declamatory
voices, enunciating slowly each

spoken syllable, spreading
the word and emoji language

in a hip hot lingo of professional
luvvie poet-friends; whose work

will live on once humanity
has gone, my protege, Daithi,

has claimed, in a shrill and shouty
ranting voice that has brought

us local literary fame.

Kevin Desmond

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