Friday, July 10, 2015

Six Tercets Triggered by Ian Duhig

Duende amigo salwaygo an sean-nós
- the capricious imp 'that climbs inside
you, from the soles of the feet'

to the throat, a song-singing ghost -
it is the darkest note from 'earth's
very navel' speaking the sound of our

ancestral voice. A pyramid of flesh,
the bottomless depth of a cauldron,
slowly dripping in it, 'drop by tortuous

drop', 'true living, the style of blood'
divine inspiration, imbhas, anwyn,
sorrow to wisdom turned by the joyful

grace of God. That spun from bottom
to top, by the power of filíocht, fate & dán,
lines that cannot be changed or altered

chthonic spirits at twilight and dusk
the aboriginal state of unconsciousness
wholly within us, a source of poetic love. 

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